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We are one of the UK’s popular and reliable hair transplant clinic. While our expertise can be checked if you follow some of the links, we would like to take this opportunity not to just present ourselves just as expert doctors to you but also as a potential trusted personal advisor.

Hair is very closely tied into how people see themselves, and hair loss can be very traumatic for some. When thinking of options to deal with this issue, you will need advisors you can trust.

We promise to tell you whether you need surgery at all if other options could work for you, we don’t promise radical transformations based on unrealistic expectations you may have ‐ that only leads to further anguish.

Before considering any type of hair transplant surgery you should carefully think about the kind of results you want. Surgeries deliver results, but it may not deliver the results you are looking for because your expectations are not based on what is surgically possible. A good doctor should be able to align what you expect from surgery and what can be delivered. Otherwise you could be very disappointed.

We do not intend to put you off surgical means, but want you to be realistic and have goals that are achievable and give you good cosmetic results. Once you have understood the principles of hair loss treatment, then you can better understand your options.

Good medicine is all about getting good advice. Bad medicine is about selling false hopes. We believe real choices can only be informed choices.

Our promise to you is to deliver our expertise and competence. We, at Harris Hair Transplants, also promise to give you honest advice. We take out all the middlemen so the advice will be dear to you, not your pocket.

You will have a free consultation with your surgeon at Harris Hair Transplant. We also offer a photo consultation with the doctor to give us a preliminary idea of your suitability for surgery. A Skype consultation with the surgeon can also be requested.

All the above means we’ll make sure that you are well informed before you have any treatment. It means we will find the best technique for your scalp/hair loss pattern and get it treated by one of the best hair transplant surgeon in UK.

Finally, we recommend you read about hair transplant on this and other websites and educate yourselves. If you are not sure, then ask us or other surgeons.

If you end up choosing another hair transplant provider remember to do your research and ask questions before committing to any treatment ‐ we expect you to do the same with us should you choose our service.

Surgery is usually the last treatment option, but if it is surgery your particular circumstances require, we are confident we can be your first choice.

Dr. Harris
Hair Transplant Expert, UK

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