“Dr. Harris and rest of the team were excellent and looked after me very well from start to finish. I feel the whole process so far, from being collected early this morning to being transported back home this afternoon, has been first class. Everybody was extremely friendly and made me feel at ease right from the off, whilst also being very professional and competent throughout. All I need to do now is follow the aftercare instructions and keep my fingers crossed! ” Colin

“Dr. Harris was very pleasant, very informative and reassuring. I was also impressed that I got a phone call from him two days after surgery to see how I was. ” Paul

“Dr. Harris was very informative and took me through the procedure and helped me to relax ” John

“Dr. Harris was the best! Very pleasant, friendly and explained everything clearly what he was going to do and made me feel very relaxed…I would like to thank him very much for a great procedure and his excellent skills! Also would like to say that the team of nurses were brilliant too, they were all very nice and friendly and chatted to me and made me feel very welcome and relaxed. They all did a wonderful job! Thank you very much! ” Mark

“I am very happy. Dr. Harris was brilliant as well as the team on the day ” Tony

“Couldn’t have wished for a nicer man to do my surgery, was very light hearted and we had a bit of a laugh but yet he was very professional “Paul

“Dr. Harris and the team were awesome. Thanks so much. I was nervous to start off with, had the consultation then got bags of confidence after talking to concern staff. The operation went fine, it was nice and chilled on my part, I had complete trust in the surgeon and my recovery is going really well. I’m looking forward to my final results. ” Derek

“Dr. Harris was extremely competent and skilled ” Fred

“Thanks Dr. Harris for my fantastic hair restoration transformation. ” Oliver

“Thanks very much for the surgery. Nearly 7 months on. ” John

“Dr. Harris what more can I say the results are perfect … Your attention to detail and perfection is exemplary, the very best surgeon = the very best results. Only can give Dr. Harris the most highest recommendation. I enjoyed the whole procedure from start to finish. ” Joe

“I must say one of the best places I had my hair transplant. I explored many places in UK but found Harris hair transplant the best. I can’t be more satisfied. Highly recommended to all. ” Ghazanfar

“I had my surgery yesterday with Dr. Harris. Can i just say what an amazing surgeon you have there and really nice guy as well. I had two clinical assistants as well…..they were both amazing. I am so pleased that i chose to have surgery with you. Thanks once again. ” Lee

“A pleasurable experience with professional and friendly surgeon. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for this operation. Thank you. ” Martin

“Treatment was so much comfortable than i first thought, no pain at all. Surgeon and the staff working with him were really kind and helpful. Truly recommend! ” Anonymous

“At the end of the surgery I was surprised how happy i felt with the whole experiance. When i arrived I felt rather nervous but after 20 minutes i felt at ease. Dr. Harris and his staff made me so comfortable throughout the entire day. ” Anonymous

“Very happy with results and how quick the procedure took. Not as painful as i thought it would be. Look forward to the end results. “Anonymous

“Dr. Harris and his staff were really professional and efficient and made the whole experiance a pleasent one. I recommend them. ” Anonymous

“10 out of 10 service. Extremely professional staff. Surgeon and technicians were extremely professional and polite and checked throughout to see i was ok. Very thorough and can not fault the service. PAIN FREE, Happy Customer:) ” Oliver Stubbings

“No pain at any stage of the transplant. Total time of op. 5 hours. General comments “Prodigious”. ” Anonymous

“Excellent service, very informative, could not fault anything. ” Anonymous

“Everything at the clinic were really professional and very friendly. I was put at ease from the minute i arrived and really felt i was in the right hands. ” M Smith

“Fantastic experiance. Dr. Harris and technicians were most helpful, always explained everything in detail and were at all times professional. Everything from start to finish was excellent. I would recommend this to anyone thinking of a similar operation. ” Anonymous

“Thank you for your profesionalism and understanding during the procedure. Hopefully the regrowth is as simple as today. ” A.B.

“Extremely friendly staff, couldn’t do enough. Helped me feel relaxed from start to finish. Very professional approach. Thank you Dr. Haseeb and all the technicians. ” Anonymous

“Good experience, staff easy going and friendly. Transplant quick with very minor pain. Would recommend it to anyone who would want a hair transplant. Venue was nice and easy to find, with parking outside. Felt relaxed from the moment i arrived. ” S Harrison

“Friendly and professional. Everything is explained step by step which helps to reassure. Would 100 % recommend to anyone considering treatment. ” D. Jones.

“I have been really looked after and a hair transplant was a lot quicker than expected. The process was painless after receiving the injections. The team could not do enough for me and i would recommend anybody who needs a hair transplant to use this service at Nottingham. “Anonymous

“I had a brilliant experiance. The staff were really friendly and everything was done extremely quickly. I am really happy and cant wait to see the results. Thank You! ” Anonymous

“The operation went down well. Dr. Harris is very experianced and addressed all concers i had along the way. The two technicins are very nice and very good at their work. ” Anonymous

“Great friendly staff. Great Surgeon. No pain during procedure, just anesthatic. Would recommend. Staff make the experiance great. ” I.S.

“Very pleasent experiance. I was well informed and felt comfartable prior to and during the procedure. All staff were polite and made me feel very comfortable ” Steven

“My overall experiance was good. I was very nervous but was put at ease very quickly. ” Imran

“A very professional, friendly and efficient procedure. I experianced no discomfort during the procedure and i am very pleased with the results so far. ” Anonymous

“I am very happy with the way the procedure was carried out. Doctor and the staff were excellent. ” Anonymous

“Excellent experiance. Really pleased. Staff and service were really polite and kind. Just hope that end results are as successfull. ” Mathew

“Good staff. Very reassuring and confident. A pleasure from start to finish. Painless in comparison to what i had imagined. ” Anonymous

“Relax atmosphere and friendly staff, easy to talk to. No problems and would recommend to other people who would like to have the procedure done. ” Anonymous

“Very relaxing day and almost no pain. Made to feel at ease by the professional clinic staff and would definitely recommend this procedure to anyone considering it. Not much difference to spending 4 hours at the hairdresser! I had 1600 grafts FUT. Thank you Everyone!!! ” Anonymous

“Amazing, had a great painless experience. Staff fantastic and Dr. Harris was equally brilliant . Will Recommend!!!! ” Anonymous

“Patient focussed approach. Anytime for discussion of options and final outcome expected. Good communication. Care and attention throughout procedure. Happy to recommend. ” Anonymous

“Was abit nervous at the beginning but nothing to be nervous for. All went very well, Dr. Harris and staff are very pleasent and reassured me every step of the way. Very happy patient:) ” Anonymous

“Professional environment and explained effectively any questions i had in the consultations and as the procedure was hapenning. Will be excited to see the results over the next couple of months when hair growth takes place. Friendly staff that gave realistic representation as to what i cant expect. ” Rebecca Chadwick

“Extremely well looked from arrival to end of the transplant. Great surroundings and friendly highly skilled staff. RECOMMENDED. “Anonymous

“Felt very comfortable from beginning. Staff was great and made me feel at ease. ” Anonymous

“Day of transplant went smoothly. After the initial injection the rest of the procedure is pain free. Dr. Harris explained everything. Looking forward to seeing results in the coming months. Staff + technicians were excellent. ” Anonymous

“The surgeon and the team was fantatstic. I would recommend the team to anyone who was considering having this procedure. Thanks to everyone involved! ” Anonymous

“The procedure went smoothly. Staff exceptionally friendy, putting me totally at ease. Everything explained perfectly clearly. Felt comfortable, relaxed and it was all over within 4 hours. It all went perfectly!!! ” Anonymous

“Overall excellent experiance. Like mostly all persons undertaking the surgery it can be daunting thinking about it. I can honestly say, with the combination of Mr. Harris and his team, they made me so comfortable and relaxed. Highly recommended. Dont think just go for it. Roll on the next few months for the results. ” Anonymous

“Very professional throughout. Not as painful as i expectet. Everything explained prior to procedure and very happy with the initial results. “Jeff

“Hardly felt any pain at all. Staff very friendly and professional. VERY SATISFIED!!!! ” Anonymous

“Excellent staff and excellent surgeon. Very well looked after with care and attention. I would highly recommend Mr. Harris and his team. “Anonymous

“Really excellent from start to finish. Wonderful care, staff are great. No hesitation in recommending. ” Anonymous

“Very happy with procedure, friendly and informative from top to bottom. Minimal discomfort and hopefully maximum results (but that is down to me:) ” Clarissa (Transgender)

“Very happy with my experiance. Everything was explained to me and looked after very well. Both Dr. Harris and his technical were terrific “Stu Hagon

“Absolute brilliant surgeon. Has great knowledge of transplants and which procedure is best for you. The whole team have been so kind and professional. I give Dr. Harris 10/10. THANK YOU!!!! ” Anonymous

“Excelent doctor. No pain at all. I was nervous at the start but Dr. Harris and his team have been amazing also Andrew have been very helpful throughout the whole process. ” Anonymous

“Very satisfied with procedure. Excellent comunnication and information throughout. Would highly recommend. No need to be apprehensive. Friendly team. ” Anonymous

“Dr. Harris was very professional and friendly and so is the staff. They put me at ease as soon as i stepped through the door. Highly recommended. Thank You!!!! ” Anonymous

“Very professional and efficient. 10/10 A* experiance. ” Anonymous

“Although i was nervous and the ocassion to have an FUE is not an easy one, i was put to ease with the surgeon and staff. All were very friendly and answered all of my questions. The procedure was fine and i was put at ease whereever any discomfort was felt. ” Anonymous

“Totally pain free. Good, professional service. Would recommend to anybody. ” Paul

“Very pleasant experience and very happy with results so far. Not as painful as i thought. Surgeon and staff were very helpful. Thank You!!!! “Baker

“The procedure was carried out in a professional manner. The staff was really friendly. The whole experiance exceeded my expectations. There was minimal discomfort and the staff made great efforts to make me comfortable throughout the procedure. Many Thanks!!! ” Anonymous

“The day was made comfortable as much as possible. A friendly and professional team who did a great job. Dr. Harris put my mind at rest throughout by always asking if i was ok and reassuring me. After the initial pain of the injections the rest was pretty much pain free. Would reommend to anyone, Thank you Dr. Harris and team. ” Anonymous

“EXCELLENT – Dr. Haseeb and his team made me feel at ease and i felt little to no pain or discomfort. Would have no reservations on recommending to others. ” Anonymous

“The nature of the procedure is one that you would expect a degree of discomfort however the whole team worked really hard and professionaly to ensure the experiance was as comfortable as possible. The consultant surgeon was very experianced and knew what i wanted. I was impressed by the backroom technician who prepared and finished the planting of the follicles. This is still that required a lot of focus. I am very pleased with the immediate result and looking forward to the longterm outcome. ” Transgender

“Very helpful and reassuring. Excellent work. ” Anonymous

“Thank you for the wonderful care i recieved. Excellent care and reassurance with explanation. ” Michelle

“From the moment i arrived, I was put at ease by the staff. They worked throughout as a very professional team. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to others. Many thanks to Mr. Haseeb. ” Anonymous

“Both Surgeon (Dr. Harris) and the technicians were fantastic, start to finish. What was a painful and a long day seemingly passed by quickly due to the efforts and atmosphere set out by the Surgeon and technicians. Highly professional and extremely personable staff. 10/10:) “Anonymous

“Very good team and would have no hesitation doing it again. Thanks!!! ” Anonymous

“Stressfree procedure with very little pain. Dr. Harris and his team are very professional and put me at ease throughout the day. I would recommend anyone who is thinking of getting a transplant to do so. ” Anonymous

“The professionalism was evident right from the beginning. Dr. Harris explained the procedure in detail and the post op condition (Outstanding Surgeon). Apart from the slight discomfort of the injections the whole procedure was far from painful. Very optimistic of the results, Fantastic team. ” Ahmed

“I am very happy with the procedure, everyone was friendly and supportive 100%. ” A. Nicholson

“Very happy with the transplant. Minimal pain and reactive to any issues. Surgery staff were friendly and helpful. Will definitely consider coming back for any further transplant. Highly recommend. ” Anonymous

“Fantastic. Was really nervous. Dr. Harris and girls were great, they made it a fun enjoyable experience. Wish I had have got it done sooner! Top Class!!! ” Anonymous

“The procedure was almost painless, the local pain relieving being very effective. Dr. Haseeb was very efficient and very dedicated in the job, never felt rushed. The girls were very good and very much part of the team. Thank you!!! ” Anonymous

“It was a very pleasant experience. I didn’t feel much (if any pain) and Dr. Haseeb was lovely to deal with. He put me at ease right from the start and was very friendly. The other members of staff were extremely professional but good fun too. I would highly recommend. “Anonymous

“Excellent. Down to earth yet professional team. Experience was far easier than I expected. Kept comfortable throughout the day. ” Anonymous

“All very positive. Made to feel at ease, comfortable. So far i am sure i made the right decision to go for an hair transplant. ” M. Nash

“Excellent service. Virtually no pain or discomfort. Highly recommended. ” L. Maussac.

“The experience was of a total professional and fairly painless. The whole team were very caring and put me at ease from start to finish. It was explained fully of what my feelings would be, from the first injection to the final graft. Thanks to everyone, Mr. Haseeb in particular. “Anonymous

“The procedure from the offset was extremely professional, thorough and informative. The staff was extremely friendly and put me at ease. Through out the process the stages were explained and I was encouraged to ask questions. A much more pleasurable experience than I was expecting. THANK YOU!!! ” Anonymous

“I can’t thank you enough for your patience. You have done a really good job and I’d recommend you to anyone. You’ve made me feel safe and comfortable. Thank you for looking after me and a lovely friendly service. ” Ezzat

“Great service start to finish. Made to feel very comfortable and informed all the way through procedure. Had 2 previous FUT procedures with a different company and so glad I used Harris this time. They were a league apart – would highly recommend to anyone thinking of having a hair transplant. ” Anonymous

“Today has been a great experience. Upon entrance to the surgery, Dr. Haseeb settled me and made me feel comfortable throughout the whole day. The staff constantly asked me if I was ok. The surgery itself was almost painless, and was surprisingly relaxing. I would recommend the surgery and staff fully to anyone who would be considering a hair transplant. ” Daniel

“A very painless, relaxing procedure. I wouldn’t have it done with anyone else. Anyone thinking of having this done should take comfort that they are in good hands. Very pleased. Thanks! ” Anonymous

“I have had the most pleasant experience with Dr. Harris and his team. Very well informed and friendly, with minimum discomfort and pain. I cannot stress enough how professional the whole procedure was. Very very satisfied. Thank You!!! ” Sharif

“Very good simple process. Very friendly, informative and professional team. Would use again and would recommend to family and friends. 10 out of 10. Well done and thank you! ” Chris

“The medical team was fantastic. Very professional, making you aware of everything and putting you at ease throughout the process. The pain was not too bad at all. I found only the needles for anaesthesia to be abit painful. Overall well impressed with all procedure and staff. ” David

“Very happy with how the day went. Excellent staff and the procedure exceeded expectations. Can already see from the outline of the grafts, the result is what i was happy for. Thank you Harris and team. ” Anonymous

“My experience has really been as good as it can be. Everyone including the nurses has been very pleasant. Every little thing in detail has been upheld. Pain has not been a problem. Thank you very much. ” Robin

“My 2nd transplant/graft surgery. I genuinely wish I had used this service first! Excellent care & procedure. Highly recommended!!! “Anonymous

“Pain free treatment. Felt like a spa day. Relaxing environment. Knowledgeable and friendly staff. ” Martin

“I was very pleased with my transplant and feel very positive towards the results. The staff were all excellent and helped me throughout the day. This is very much appreciated and makes the whole experience easier. I would recommend Harris and the team to anyone without hesitation. Thanks again to all!!! ” Anonymous

“All the team were very nice throughout the day and made me feel comfortable, gave support, advice and reassured me throughout. The team were excellent. Looking forward to seeing the results. ” Nick

“The whole experience has been fantastic from the time I arrived for the procedure. Everything was explained clearly. The procedure was very comfortable. The difficult part was injections, which were done in seconds. After that it was completely painless. Dr. Harris & technicians were very good and friendly. Would highly recommend. ” V. Thaper.

“Upon seeing my hair after the transplant, it instantly took me back to my teens, early 20’s look. Felt like i had become me again & now i want myself to look. ” Nicholas

“The experience of the surgery was wonderful. I was made to feel at ease from the start and I was so relaxed throughout the 5-hour procedure. I was worried about the pain but there was none, which made the procedure enjoyable. Dr. Harris and the technicians were magnificent, can not recommend them enough. ” Pal

“Very professional & friendly from the beginning to the end of the procedure. Would highly recommend. All staff was so helpful and nothing was too much trouble. Thank you very much. ” Richard

“They made me feel very comfortable throughout the whole procedure. Very friendly and easy to talk to which made the long day easier to cope with. Went above and beyond expectations. Very little pain throughout (only for injections). Very happy with the service provided. “Anonymous

“Was appreciative of the advice regarding change from FUE to FUT and felt fully informed as to the best treatment for me. The procedure was fantastic, very little pain and was made totally comfortable by the excellent team here. Would recommend without hesitation. ” Adam

“A very calm and relaxing experience. Excellent facilities, very friendly and welcoming technicians. Dr. Harris Haseeb seems an exceptionally competent surgeon who was on hand to answer any queries and put my mind at rest. So all in account, a truly unforgettable experience. Thank you Dr. Harris. ” Anonymous

“Welcoming, friendly and professional. Dr. Harris is fantastic at what he does and his team are great. Felt very welcome, virtually no pain and over very quickly. Cannot recommend enough and looking forward to the results. ” Michael

“Fantastic care, the team made me feel very easy from the start. Mr. Haseeb was fantastic, explained everything in great detail. Very satisfied with the treatment. ” Paul

“After my consultation I felt dr Harris was very honest and straight forward and easy to talk to , parts what I was not sure of he explained very easily with my expectations in mind and was Very helpful in a conclusion at this point , that grafts was not for me at this moment in time and consider alternatives which we have put into place for the future . thank you very much ” Rosemary

“I had my FUE treatment with Dr Harris a year ago and the day went extremely well. I have always found him to be very considerate, attentive, honest and reassuring. I am so pleased with my results and I feel that they are life changing. My confidence has really improved. If you are in the fortunate position to have this treatment then I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr Harris. A big thank you from me for everything that he and his team have done for me. ” Robert

“I have been really anxious about having a hair transplant, mainly because I’m female. I had a mini face lift a couple of years ago and was left with really bad scars around my temples going down to my sideburns. This had a detrimental effect on my confidence, I was no longer able to wear my hair up and felt as though people were staring. I made an appointment to see Dr Haseeb and discussed my concerns. I was given all the relevant information and all options were discussed. I decided to go ahead with the procedure, the process was smooth and the staff were really friendly. I felt the surgeon treated me with dignity and respect. Before surgery I was anxious and sceptical about how painful the surgery may be however, the pain experienced was minimum. The consultant reassured me during each step of the treatment and I soon began to feel relaxed. I was given information regarding my aftercare and received a call from staff when I arrived home to ensure I was okay. I was given a point of contact so I could speak to someone if I had any further questions regarding my after care. I would highly recommend Harris Hair Transplants. ” Anonymous

“A totally professional and careering experience, from start to finish Dr Haseeb was attentive and sympathetic to my needs and put me at ease from the time I met him . Everything was explained me so I understood the procedure and was carried in a professional but relaxed manner , Through out the day my every needs were catered for by his excellent and friendly staff . On leaving I was explained my after care , simply , so everything would go to plan when I got home , plus Dr Haseeb made two follow up phone calls over the next two weeks to check on my progress, In short I would definitely recommend Dr Harris Haseeb and his team to anyone thinking of having FUT procedure. ” Chris

“Firstly I’m over the moon with my results,couldn’t be happier! Dr Harris is fantastic,explains everything in full. Andrew,Dr Harris’s P.A is there through the whole thing,start to finish. Everything about the whole experience was seriously amazing. Staff were really friendly,happy and professional. Clinic was extremely clean and hygienic. Your given a bag with all items needed after procedure. Would 100% recommended. “Barner

“Felt very well looked after from the minute I arrived. I wasn’t pressured with any sales, in fact I was steered away from paying for any treatment and look at alternatives first. I definitely felt that it was all about what was best for me and not at all about getting money out of me for unnecessary treatment. Would fully recommend Harris Hair Transplants to anyone even at the level of just being curious or concerned about their hair. ” Finch

“From my initial consultation with Dr harris I had made my mind up on the drive home this was the company I would trust with my hair transplant. I am now 6 days post op and apart from slightly sore head from my fue things couldnt be better. Dr harris and his staff were superb on the day couldnt have done enough for me. 1700 grafts and roughly 7hrs later I had my new hairline. Dr .Harris contacted me a few days later to make sure everything was ok a very personal touch much appreciated. So in short if you are serious about your hair transplant i would highly recommend Harris and his team. ” Adam